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Lifetime Access: $247

Designed for newer players with limited stickhandling and shooting training

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Lifetime Access: $597

Designed for players with intermediate to advanced stick skills training

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In-Person Training

For more information to book an in-person lesson with Coach Lance, click on the link below and watch the video on the homepage for instructions. 

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Core package includes
the following: 

  • Foundational training
    • Introduction to stickhandling
    • Introduction to passing
    • Introduction to shooting
    • Specialized training in dribbling, faking, cupping, shootout moves, the saucer pass, and between the legs
  • 12 pre-built, progressive training session modules
  • Accelerator training
    • The first 10 advanced training modules incorporating movement
    • Increased drill pattern complexity
    • Advanced shooting techniques

Elite package includes
everything in the Core package, plus:

  • Accelerator training
    • All 52 advanced training sessions
    • A minimum of 18 drills per module
    • Advanced movement skills
    • Elite drill pattern complexity
    • Next-level shooting skills
  • Goal Scorers Academy
    • Small-space shooting drills
    • Training session modules
    • 192 drill videos
  • Video analysis
    • Identifying seven common corrections in hand positioning and movement
    • Ensuring proper form and technique
Preparation starts right now for the player that wants to achieve a higher level of success! 

  • Did you know that in games, regardless of level, players only possess the puck right around 1 minute?  Also, findings from a recent on-ice team practice puck possession study my team, and I conducted, revealed that, on average, players only possess the puck in a 60-minute practice for roughly 4 minutes.
  • Not enough stick handling, passing, and shooting repetitions to reach the higher levels of stick skill development.  You have to do extras.

     I'll unveil exactly what you or your player need to do to go from average to Elite. 

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