Transform your Skills with Online Hockey Training

Experts Agree: Off-Ice Training will Transform Your Game

Experts Agree: Off-Ice Training will Elevate your Game

Transform Your Skills With Off Ice Training 

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  • Puck Control: Our step-by-step progressions will give you confidence and the ability to handle the puck in open ice, in the corners or navigating through heavy traffic.
  • Puck Possession: Learn the body, leg and arm positions for defending the puck wherever you are on the ice. You cannot make plays without the puck! 
  • Planned Moves & Fakes: We can add a variety of moves, fakes and dekes to your puck-handling arsenal. 


  • Power and Accuracy: We'll show you how to generate a harder, more accurate shot in both stationary and moving positions. It's a combination of strength, body position and shooting technique.
  • Quicker Release: We'll teach how to properly load the puck and align the body to get the puck off your stick faster.
  • Shooting IQ. Game situations call for a variety of shooting techniques so our program covers a full array of shots you need to become more of a scoring threat.

What Players are Saying about Online Hockey Training


"Your stickhandling lessons were great! Thanks for sharing your time and talent with  our son. His stickhandling definitely improved over the sessions, thus, it was time and money well spent. For any player who is interested in improving their overall game, specifically stickhandling, I recommend your stickhandling lessons and online program for them!"

Sarah S. Hockey Parent

"The boys spent an hour and a half last night working together on the stick handling drills. Although they've spent time in the garage shooting/stick handling before, this was the first time they had a clear purpose. The homework is a critical element as it gave them a set methodology to follow. Few kids have the self discipline to go to the garage and work on specific areas on their own."

Mark K. Hockey Dad

"OnlineHockey has been the best value we have experienced for hockey stick handling training. We have noticed a marked improvement in our sons and daughter stick handling because of this program. Not only have we seen increased speed in the weekly testing, but this improvement has also carried over to the ice. We  are seeing better moves and increased confidence with the puck".

Elise G.Hockey Mom