In-Person Training

When We Meet

  • All I ever ask from parents/players, is to give me one lesson.  In that initial meeting, I typically make up to 9 corrections in hand placement, hand movement, and where the ball or puck is positioned on the stick blade when dribbling. 

  • These are super important to address and fix, so the player isn't reinforcing any bad habits.

  • Once the diagnostics phase is completed, I'll start downloading everything I've learned as a player, a coach, an off-ice skills instructor and parent of 2 very passionate hockey players. 

  • There's no magic formula or secret sauce that will quickly transform a player from average to Elite regarding stick skills.  There's a lot of sweat equity and self-motivation needed, but I'll show them the way.  How? 

Online Hockey Training

  • Working with me once in a while is a small part of the stick skill developmental process.  The real gains the player makes over the years, is from the hundreds of hours they'll accumulate working on their hands and shot, at home in their garage, basement or backyard.

  • provides players access to all the content I've developed in over a decade and use for my in person lessons.  My prebuilt training modules provide direction and purpose to their training, so they'll constantly be learning something new, becoming a Mega-Learner!!



  • Former NHL Professional Player

    • 393 NHL games in 12 years Pro​

  • Home - Plymouth, Minnesota

  • College - University of Minnesota

  • USA Hockey Level 5 Master Coach

  • Inventor of The SweetHands Stickhandling Trainer

  • Off-Ice Stickhandling & Shooting Specialist 

  • 2 primary businesses

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