Bruising Player becomes Extraordinary Skills Coach


Lance Pitlick loved hockey more than anything. As a player, he was like a superhero on the ice—strong, tough, and feared by opponents. But when his playing days ended, he discovered a new adventure waiting for him.

The Shift Toward Precision: A New Chapter Begins
- Hockey was changing. It wasn't just about being tough anymore; finesse and precision mattered too.
- Off the ice, Lance practiced stickhandling and shooting. Imagine him twirling a hockey stick like a wizard with a magic wand!

A Mission to Inspire: Becoming a World-Class Coach
- Lance wanted to help other players succeed. So, he became a coach!
- In 2008, he opened his own practice place. There, he taught over 1,000 players—from little kids dreaming of the NHL to seasoned pros.

Global Impact: Online Hockey Training
- But Lance's magic didn't stop there. He created something called "Online Hockey Training."
- Players from all over the world could learn from him—even if they lived far away. They watched videos, practiced drills, and became better players.

A Respected Figure: Commitment to Player Development**
- Coach Lance Pitlick wasn't just about winning games. He cared about dreams.
- His legacy lives on in every stickhandle, every shot—the echoes of dreams realized.

To All Youth Hockey Players: Dare to Dream**
- So, my young hockey enthusiast, remember this: Whether you're on the ice or dreaming big, extraordinary journeys begin with a single stride.
- Lance did it. And so can you! 🌟🏒

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