Here is What Parents & Players Say about OHT


“Having my kids work with Online Hockey Training has been the best value we have ever experienced for hockey development. We have noticed a marked improvement in the stickhandling abilities of our son and daughter.”

Elise G - Hockey Parent

“Online Hockey Training makes learning and practicing new stickhandling skills fun and exciting. It connects with our kids in an awesome and inspirational way that challenges them to be better. This program has been time and money well spent!”

Hemps - Player

“I feel more confident with the puck on my stick and would recommend the Online Hockey Training program to hockey players at ANY level. It’s a skill set that players need to work on to get an edge on the competition.”

Tim Jackman - xNHL Player

“Our boys spent 90 minutes working together on stickhandling drills last night. Though they’ve spent time in the garage shooting & stickhandling before, the Online Hockey Training program gave them a clear purpose. Few kids have the self-discipline to work on specific areas and this program’s task-oriented approach was very impactful.”

Mark K.- Hockey Parent

“The Online Hockey Training program does a great job of keeping things moving and engaging the kids. They never seem to get bored and they look forward to doing the stickhandling “homework.” It is really encouraging to see the progress they’ve made.”

Jason & Joy - Hockey Parents

“Our son’s hockey coach recommended he work with Online Hockey Training to improve his stickhandling skills. Following that advice is one of the best things we’ve done to support his hockey development. The program contains countless, creative drills which help to focus his training and instead of just shooting pucks he practices with purpose.”

Kim - Hockey Parent

60 Day Guarantee

It’s Going to Work, or We Don’t get Paid.

We Want our Training to Work for You.

Therefore, all of the modules are 100% “Satisfaction and Effectiveness” Guaranteed. If you’ve made an honest effort to use the modules and it hasn’t rocked your skills, let us know and we’ll give you a 100%  Refund.   

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