Month-long Mastery: A Comprehensive Drill Plan for Aspiring Hockey Players

Apr 15, 2024

With the right hockey drill plan, a month is all you need to master elite-level hockey moves!

Build the necessary skills from the ground up with this comprehensive training schedule and challenge yourself like never before!

Read on for a breakdown of your month and the stickhandling drills you’ll be completing.

Understanding this Hockey Drill Plan

Get the most from this hockey drill plan by completing this training regimen three times a week:

  • Do some basic shot practice, two shot techniques for 12-15 shots each
  • Complete the first featured drill of the week
  • Complete the second featured drill
  • Complete a variation of the first featured drill
  • Complete a variation of the second featured drill

To prevent injury, take breaks before moving on to the next drill. You should also only do the stickhandling patterns two to three times in a block and take no more than 12 to 15 shots on goal at a time.


Week 1

Puck on Stick Drills

One of the most important aspects of your skill training will be the development of your natural feel for the puck. This drill is your first step along that path.

Spend 5 to 10 minutes practicing these moves:

  • Place the puck on the ground
  • Use the outside edge of your stick’s blade to put pressure on one side of the puck
  • Flip it onto the face of your blade
  • Replace the puck on the ground and try again with the inside edge of your blade

Here are some variations to keep your hockey drill plan moving forward:

  • Dribble the puck, then use its momentum to scoop it up with either side of your stick’s blade
  • Flip the puck through the air before catching it with the opposite side of your stick’s blade
  • Catch the puck with the shaft of your stick

Cool Cupping Drills

Cupping drills work to train your stick handling, but during this hockey drill plan, you’ll also be focusing on your vision training.

While completing these moves, look up and take in your surroundings with every other step:

  • Place pucks in two vertical lines
  • Standing between the lines, snap a puck between the first two pucks on your backhand side
  • Use the forehand of your stick’s blade to drag the puck backward around the first puck in line
  • Bring the puck back to center before snapping it between the first two pucks on your forehand side
  • Use the backhand of your stick’s blade to drag the puck back around the first puck in line
  • Move up the line of pucks, completing the figure eight motion at each row
  • When you reach the goal, snap the puck to your forehand to take a shot on goal
  • For each rep you complete, alternate whether you start on your forehand or backhand
  • When you start on your forehand take a backhand shot at the end of the pattern

As you improve your skills, continue to challenge yourself throughout this hockey drill plan by:

  • Increasing the amount of pucks you use to make the lines
  • Doing the pattern backwards
  • Placing the line of pucks closer together so you have less room to maneuver



Week 2

Front Fake Drills

In hockey, a fake is only as good as your commitment to the move. You need to make your opponent believe that you’re taking a shot without losing control of the puck.

Start your week by practicing these basic movements:

  • Complete a quick 1-2 dribble with your forehand
  • Snap the puck across for the fake to your backhand
  • Drop your shoulder as if you’re lining up for a shot
  • Look where you plan to aim
  • Bring the puck back to the far forehand side
  • Then restart the pattern with a dribble

How can you make the front fake drill harder throughout your training?

  • Add a shot to the end of the drill
  • Pass the puck through your legs after the fake to take the shot on your opposite side
  • Add forward movement towards the goal
  • Do a double-fake

Dangler Line Drills

Danglers are one of the best training aids for improving your stick and puck control at the same time.

Improve your muscle memory with these basic steps:

  • Set up your dangler in a horizontal line in front of the goal
  • Dribble up and back down the line, passing the puck under while your stick jumps over the obstacle
  • Take a shot on goal

Challenge yourself throughout the week by:

  • Adding multiple rows of danglers to the pattern
  • Popping the puck over the danglers
  • Using your feet to pass the puck through the dangler every third dribble



Week 3

Slip and Rip Drills

Up until now, this hockey drill plan has given you exercises that end in static shots. The Slip and Rip Drills are your first steps toward learning how to shoot on the go!

To start your training, follow these easy steps:

  • Place a dangler or some other raised obstacle in front of the goal
  • Pass the puck under the dangler
  • While it’s still sliding, bring your stick down on the other side of the obstacle and immediately take your shot.

Here’s how you can make the drill more challenging:

  • Do the drill using your backhand
  • Add dangler dribbles before taking your shot
  • Change the distance and angle of your shot

Toe Heel Drills

Gain complete control of the puck with a classic toe-heel drill:

  • Place four pucks in a vertical line in front of the goal
  • Standing on the forehand side, pass a puck between the first two pucks in line
  • Catch it on the other side with the toe of your blade
  • Drag the puck back to the first position before moving up the line and repeating the pattern
  • Once you reach the goal, make a forehand scoop shot into the net

To keep building on your skills throughout this hockey drill plan, try one of these variations:

  • Use the opposite-facing stick
  • Complete the drill on your backhand
  • Add a fake before the final shot
  • Do the drill backwards



Week 4

Side-Step, Shoulder Check Drills

For the final week of this hockey drill plan, focus on improving your vision training and dribbling skills even further.

Follow these steps to start your week:

  • Stand in front of the goal facing the side
  • Begin side-stepping in toward the goal
  • Dribble constantly and alternate looking over each shoulder with every step
  • Head back to the starting position and take a forehand shot on goal

Here are your variations for this drill:

  • Try with the opposite-facing stick
  • Side-step all the way behind the goal and use a power step out to take your shot
  • Use danglers as obstacles to dribble through and step over
  • Add a pop-over with the dangler while side-stepping

Pop-Up Batting Drills

This final drill will build on the first pattern you learned in this hockey drill plan and take your hand-eye coordination to new heights!

Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Use the forehand toe of your blade to pull the puck in towards you
  • Scoop it onto the face of your blade and pop it up into the air
  • Catch it before hitting it up again
  • Bat it straight out of the air and into the net

Advance your skills with these variations to the drill:

  • Pop the puck up five times before hitting it towards the net
  • Start aiming for specific corners
  • Try the maneuver on your backhand


Become a Pro With This Hockey Drill Plan!

Follow this hockey drill plan and build up your hockey skills to master-level strength in no time!

If you want video tutorials to help you visualize the drills, check out our online hockey training modules!