Unveiling AI in Hockey Training: Hockey Journey Podcast EP 137

Welcome to Episode 137 of the Hockey Journey podcast! Join us as we dive into the innovative world of AI-driven hockey training with Michael Fitzgerald, CEO of Heads Up Hockey. In this episode, Michael shares his entrepreneurial journey and introduces us to a groundbreaking app that is set to revolutionize hockey training. Key Features of the AI-Driven Hockey Training App:

🏒 Computer Vision Technology: The app utilizes computer vision for a flexible and adaptable training experience, moving beyond static boards and sensors.

📱 Software Flexibility: Inspired by the iPhone's software-driven approach, the app can evolve and improve without new hardware, integrating physical objects for an immersive training experience.

🔄 Application Development: The app's development journey started with pickleball, highlighting the team's ability to pivot and refine their technology for hockey.

📊 Analytics and Tracking: The app provides data-driven training, tracking user performance and offering immediate feedback for continuous improvement.

🌍 Market Potential: Recognizing the potential in the hockey market, the team designed the app to fill a gap for advanced, tech-driven training tools.

Michael Fitzgerald's Background: Early Interests: Growing up in Waterford, Virginia, Michael was homeschooled and pursued competitive tennis and violin, dedicating significant time to both. Lessons from Sports and Music: Emphasizes the importance of deliberate practice and avoiding ingrained bad habits, principles that are integral to the app’s design. Development and Evolution: Team Collaboration: The app's development is supported by a small but dedicated team, including technically skilled individuals and a co-founder who is also a professional hip-hop dancer. Future Prospects: While the current focus is on hockey, the technology has potential applications in various other sports and activities.