Nontraditional Hockey Teaching w/Barry Karn & Karn Skating Dynamics EP132

Today is a treat for me, as I love when I can have our next guest, skating instructor extraordinaire Barry Karn on the show. He's one of our most popular guests here on the hockey journey podcast. After you're done with this episode, you can also check out numbers 12, 78 and 79 for a whole lot more of Barry Karn goodness. Recently, one of my other companies, Online Hockey Training started posting again on the ticker tock, the Instagramer, youtube and the facebook to mention a few after a good 2 year break. One category I like to highlight is the opposite hand training I have players work on and the benefits, but wanted a different, more catchy title, and then I remembered something Mr. Karn said; "disagreeable training!" I texted him, asking if he'd mind if I used the term, he proceeded to give me one of the longest texts I've ever received on disagreeable training and how it's such a critical ingredient in a kids childhood development. Right then and there, I said it's been too long, I don't know what the topic is going to be, but I need to get a little Barry Karn fix. So ladies and gentlemen, if you're ready to brave this trip with me here today, soon to be traveling through uncharted waters, well sit back, get comfy, settle in, put your tray table in it's upright and locked position, and get ready for a discussion on how one of the top skating instructor's in the world non traditionally teaches.

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