Reid Simpson Hockey Journey EP124

Ladies and gentlemen, hockey enthusiasts, and fans of the game, welcome to another exciting episode of the Hockey Journey Podcast! Today, we are honored to have a true warrior of the ice with us here today. Our guest is a former NHLer, and former teammate of mine, whose career was marked by grit, tenacity, and an unwavering commitment to his teammates as a protector. Hailing from Flin Flon, Manitoba, he made a name for himself not only for his skill with the puck but also for his fearless role as an enforcer. Throughout his journey in the National Hockey League, he proudly donned the jerseys of several iconic teams, including the Chicago Blackhawks, Tampa Bay Lightning, St. Louis Blues, and Montreal Canadiens. Known for his physical style of play, this forward left an indelible mark on the game and earned the respect of fans and foes alike. Get ready to hear firsthand about the battles on the ice, the camaraderie in the locker room, and the memorable moments that shaped his hockey career. Without further ado, let's lace up our skates and dive into the incredible hockey journey of the one and only Reid Simpson!  Thanks for stopping by, enjoy this episode and have a wonderfully productive day :) To learn more about Reid Simpson's hockey career check out his wiki page -  ⁠⁠ Online Hockey Training Largest Online Data-Base Off-Ice Stickhandling, Passing and Shooting Drills ⁠⁠ In-person lessons with Coach Lance For more information regarding Coach Lance Pitlick ⁠⁠