Mike Duffy - A Man of Many Hats - EP111

Attn: Some adult language is mentioned throughout the episode and may not be suitable to some of the younger persons :) Viewer discretion is advised. Today I'm really excited about our next guest here on the Hockey Journey Podcast. Before this summer, I had no idea who Mike Duffy was, but slowly got to know him after a number of brief conversations we had the last few months. You see, Mr. Duffy wears many hats, but the one I got to see in action with him all summer was when he was training my boys as they prepared for this upcoming winter hockey season. Take a quick listen to some of Mike's professional skills - - Entrepreneur, Tactical Trainer, Assault Prevention Trainer, Certified Gun Safety Instructor, Personal Trainer, Martial Arts Instructor, Boxing Instructor, Public Speaker, Private Pilot, Model and Actor, and I know I probably miss a few other talents this guy has. I think I just tweaked my hammy thinking about how much time and energy went into pursuing all of those interests and passions. He's dedicated his life to empowering others, helping them optimize their health, well-being, and personal safety.

He's a Master Coach in Nonverbal Communication, Mental Health and Resilience, Trauma Recovery, Emotional Intelligence, as well as Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition, so we have a lot to talk about. Join me for the next hour as we uncover the life and experiences of Mike Duffy. To Learn more about Mike Duffy, click on the information links below. https://archangelds.me http://conditionedresponse.us


IG @sir.michaeljames


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