Pitlick Family Hockey Journey (Part 2) EP108

Hello again everyone, especially you out there who have kids that no longer live with you!  This is a great day for me as I get to spend the next hour or so with my oldest son Rem Pitlick, as he's the next guest on the Hockey Journey Podcast.  We recently experimented with bringing the whole Pitlick crew on the show (Lance Pitlick, Lisa Wittwer Pitlick, Rem Pitlick and Rhett Pitlick, sharing some of our family hockey journey, and apparently a few of you out there liked that episode, so here's our swing at (Part 2) of the Pitlick Family Hockey Journey.   

Rem Pitlick and I take our time and navigate through segments of our hockey life together, sharing some of our hockey experiences, lessons learned, covering a variety of topics, with a heavy emphasis on mentors.  It doesn't matter what your passion is, if you're striving for the higher mountains of your particular sector, step one is to find someone that has already accomplished what you desire and learn from their journey.  For most of us listening here today, hockey is our thing, and if that's you, sit back, grab something to drink, a snack and settle into your favorite easy chair, as Rem and I are going to share the path that we traveled, are traveling, and the team of people he's used or still uses today.  I've included everyone below.  Thank You for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the conversation and have a wonderfully productive day!!To learn more about Rem Pitlick's coaches, trainers and mentors, click on the links below :)

Adam Oates


Scott Bjugstad


Scott Brokow 


Mike Duffy ⁠


Kathleen Gazich ⁠


Karn Skating Dynamics ⁠


Joe Dziedzic 


Benny Pont ⁠


Rick Beckfeld - Pat O'learyIndividual Skills


Josh TuckerTrue Focus Vision ⁠


Neil Sheehy, Paul Otsby, Tim Sheehy


Dr. Johnson ⁠


Paul Chek ⁠https://chekinstitute.com/⁠ Troy Casey  ⁠

https://certifiedhealthnut.com/⁠ Dr. Jerod (Chiropractor) 


For more information regarding Coach Lance Pitlick Online Hockey Training Largest Online Data-Base Off-Ice Stickhandling, Passing and Shooting Drills ⁠


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