Sinclair Performance Institute - Success Intangibles with Dr. Jared Sinclair EP104

My next guest is business performance coach Dr. Jared Sinclair and I'm super excited to have him on the show. Before he started helping people, their businesses and organizations reach higher levels of excellence, Mr. Sinclair was an active Marine, serving his country in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as a retired San Diago, California Police Officer and also holds a doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership. So he maybe hasn't had a hockey journey, but he's definitely had an eventful life journey and we're going to hear all about it.

I know the reason Mr. Sinclair and the Sinclair Performance Institute came into my life, and that's so he can pass on his knowledge, his success formula that he's been teaching to a wide variety of clients, representing many different sectors in the business world and he's here to pass on that information to you. It doesn't matter if you're an actor, realtor, musician, mathematician, nonprofit founder, piano extraordinaire, entrepreneur, professional athlete or just a regular "Joe" trying to make today a little better than yesterday, the formula is pretty much the same across the board.

If you want to go from average, to good, to great, there are success intangibles you need to know about and learn and that's exactly what Dr. Jared Sinclair is going to be discussing with me here today. Thanks for Stopping by and Enjoy the Show!! To learn more about Dr. Jared Sinclair please visit the below

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Book he referenced during the interview - Peak Mind by Amishi P. Jha

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