Maximize Your Potential: The Importance of Doing a Post-Hockey Season Evaluation EP 91

Hey hockey fans! In this episode of the Hockey Journey Podcast, we're chatting with the one and only Coach Lance Pitlick. He's here to talk about the end of the winter hockey season and the importance of doing a post-season evaluation exercise. Coach Pitlick emphasizes the significance of reflecting on the season and learning from mistakes to improve as a player. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, this information can help take your game to the next level. But don't worry. Coach Pitlick isn't just dishing out advice - he's also providing some questions to help with the evaluation process and sharing his experience with goal-setting. And, of course, he's plugging his database of off-ice stickhandling, passing, and hockey shooting drills - because who doesn't love some extra practice time? So if you're a hockey player looking to grow and develop your skills, don't miss out on this episode. Coach Pitlick is here to help you reach your full potential and take your game to new heights. Let's do this thing! For more information regarding Coach Lance Pitlick Largest Online Data-Base Off-Ice Stickhandling, Passing and Shooting Drills In-person lessons with Coach Lance