Unleashing the Power of Elite: An Exclusive with Erik Westrum EP86

Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an electrifying journey as we welcome the one and only Erik Westrum!

This hockey superstar has blazed a trail of excellence throughout his career, earning a coveted D1 scholarship to the University of Minnesota, dominating in the AHL and NHL, and finishing his career with five triumphant years in Switzerland with Ambri-Piotta.

Since retiring in 2012, Erik has donned many hats, from hockey coach to author, from motivational speaker to leadership coach, and has always been a visionary entrepreneur at heart. His latest masterpiece, the book "Becoming Elite," is a testament to his unrelenting drive and determination. In this episode, get ready to be inspired as we delve into Erik's journey and uncover his many obstacles. But make no mistake, this man is forged from iron, powered by unyielding grit, a relentless spirit, and a passion for greatness that burns brighter than a thousand suns."

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy Mr. Westrum's Hockey Journey, and have a productive day!! To learn more about Erik Westrum and his new book Becoming Elite, click on the link to the right :) https://erikwestrumbook.com/

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