How To Build An Elite Hockey Player (Part 1) EP78

I was working out the other day, and a thought popped into my head for some reason. Is there a proven, bulletproof way to build an elite hockey player? I went through the experience as a player, raised two boys who have done well, have a nephew playing in the NHL, as well as a long list of players I've trained over the last decade and a half that have earned a college scholarship, major junior roster spot, professional contract or became an Olympic medalist. Barry Karn and I's lives parallel each other in so many ways, and one of those ways is he also has a long list of players that have gone on to or are continuing to do great things well. So logically, it made sense to partner with him on this podcast, combining our lifetime of hockey experiences and see if we can help you build an elite hockey player. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day, and enjoy the conversation!! To learn more about Barry Karn and Karn Skating Dynamics For more information regarding Coach Lance Pitlick Largest Online Data-Base Off-Ice Stickhandling, Passing and Shooting Drills In-person lessons with Coach Lance