Leadership (Part 2) EP74

As the first winter snowfall has been deposited here in Minnesota, that can mean only one thing, and the hockey season has begun. Being around the game of hockey my whole life, I was tied to a team each season, as a player till 32 years of age or as a youth hockey coach for 17 years after that. A hockey season can have so many storylines by springtime. Individuals and teams might have nothing but success and flow the entire year, but that would be the experience of the minority, as most of us travel a road packed with extremes in the next 4 to 6 months that will test our character and resolve. I remember being on or coaching several teams where I thought we had a chance to do some damage, only to have the team be decimated by injury or sickness at critical times where we couldn't recover. Covid was the perfect example of this, as it forced teams to not think too far in the future, and they learned how to battle when their backs were up against the wall. This podcast is about life experiences that develop into acquiring leadership qualities. Some of you out there may already be on a path of leadership, others maybe haven't thought about it much until now. What I'd like to do with this episode is share with you some quotes from some books that helped me learn more about what leadership is and how to acquire more leadership qualities. I consider myself a quiet lead-by-example player, but I am not an expert in the field. But, many have made the topic of leadership their life's work and I'd like to share with you some of their most important and impactful findings, with the hope that the wisdom you're about to hear will help you become a little better version of yourself! For the following books, I'm going to reference, know that I'm only scratching the surface of all the learning nuggets in each of the titles. If something resonates with you from a specific book, I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of your own by the end of this episode and read it. The links to each of the titles are below. Ready to get our leadership on? Thanks for stopping by, have a great day and enjoy this episode :) Book Number One On Becoming a Leader By Warren Bennis https://www.amazon.com/Becoming-Leader-Warren-Bennis/dp/0465014089?tag=entheos06-20 Book Number Two Lead Yourself First Inspiring Leadership Through Solitude By Raymond M. Kethledge and Michael S. Erwin https://www.amazon.com/Lead-Yourself-First-Inspiring-Leadership/dp/1632866315 Book Number Three It Worked for Me In Life and Leadership By General Colin Powell https://www.amazon.com/Worked-Me-Life-Leadership/dp/0062135139 For more information regarding Coach Lance Pitlick Largest Data-Base Off-Ice Stickhandling, Passing and Shooting Drills https://www.onlinehockeytraining.com/ In-person lessons with Coach Lance https://www.sweethockeycoach.com/