Ben Clymer Hockey Journey (Part 2) EP67

When you win a Stanley Cup, like my next guest Ben Clymer, you get a little extra at times, because of earning that rare achievement. Like what we got going on here today. Most of my guests get one episode to tell their journey, but not this guy. He for sure gets 2 episodes, and who knows how today goes, we may need a 3rd one in order to git-r-all-In! We'll pick up where we left off the last episode, where it's 2am, Mr. Clymer and the Tampa Bay Lightning just won the Stanley Cup and he's celebrating with his two 80-year-old Grandmothers, all with gin and tonics in hand.   He'll continue telling his hockey player journey that saw him leave the sunshine state for Europe for a season, then the Washington Capitals, Chocolate Town USA, and some exciting times playing in Russia. His retirement led him back to the University of Minnesota and was admitted to the Carlson School of Management, earning a degree in Finance and eventually starting his own company - Abbey Street - Learn More -   Mr. Clymer will tie up all the loose ends by revealing the story of how he's become one of my favorite hockey broadcasters working today. If you want to hear the continued story of striving for excellence in all segments of one's life, you'll want to settle in for this episode. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy part 2 of Ben Clymer's Hockey Journey :)