Chris Hansen - Time On The Water - Hockey Journey EP65

My next guest, Chris Hansen, is probably someone you've never heard of, but he's been my best friend since I met him back in 1979, and he's got a journey and story to tell. It includes hockey, fishing, dogs, 2 critical periods in his life where he almost died twice. The second and most recent event landed him in the ICU, in a coma, and hooked up to every monitoring and life-saving device available to keep his heart beating. You'll hear his story of recovery from a traumatic brain injury and how it's manifested through a lot of sweat equity and passion into a non-profit, where Mr. Hansen and his band of love-giving gypsies are providing fishing trips and experiences for Military Veterans, First Responders, Police, and Fire, as well as Teachers and Health Care Workers since 2015. If that wasn't enough, Chris is a realtor by trade and has given back 25% of his commission to our hero clients, close to $200,000 over the last 5 years. Chris and his partners, Mike Ferrell and Katie Lavander do all the fundraising for Time on the Water, so our heroes get to have these fishing excursions at no cost. To learn more and donate today, please visit Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the episode!