Sports Stories (Part 1) EP64

During my playing days, I liked Stephen King and James Patterson, sprinkling in some self-help books. But after retiring from the National Hockey League and not even getting close to winning a Stanley Cup, my curiosity to witness people triumphing at the highest levels, somehow performing perfecting during a playoff run, or pulling off the impossible at an event or tournament continues to grow year after year. These sports moments and the characters who played their particular role happen all the time to people, but for most of us, if we've even heard of the story, we rarely know the full journey and all that went into preparing for that moment in time. For today's episode on the Hockey Journey Podcast, I want to share some fantastic sports stories that inspired me, and I hope they'll do the same for you. For the following books, I'm going to reference that I'm only scratching the surface of all the learning nuggets in each title. If something resonates with you from a certain book, by the end of this episode, I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of your own and read it in its entirety. I'll put the links to each of the titles in the description.