Josh Tucker - True Focus Vision - Hockey Journey EP62

My next guest Josh Tucker, established the lane he was going to travel for the rest of his life close to 2 decades ago. The road he's experienced, through thousands of consultations has propelled him to the level of being an expert in the field, and that's the vision training sector, specifically his company True Focus Vision. He's regarded as the industry leader in helping kids and adults with reading, and athletes of all ages, including players at the highest levels like the NHL, MLB, NFL and Olympians working on optimizing their craft. His therapy, training systems and different tools he uses, also assist in concussion recovery and overall improved wellness. Mr. Tucker is a former goalie, has coached in the past at the High School hockey level, and has been a trainer for close to 20 years specializing in one thing, vision training. We're going to hear his journey from player, to coach, to trainer, to business owner, to industry leader, so we have a lot to talk about. For more information about how Josh and True Focus Vision are helping people and where you can find him, I've included his link below. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the conversation! Have a great day! True Focus Vision