Jeremy Goldberg - What is LeagueApps? EP46

Most of us coaches, players and parents, take for granted the enormous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes from a small group of individuals. Who orders the jerseys, takes registrations, and organizes the ice schedules. Who tracks payments and waivers, runs the tryouts, and puts together the committees and communicates to the parents? So much of what we think about regarding a hockey association or organization, has to do with things that happen on the ice. But the true success of a program is based on what happens off the ice, so that on-ice games and practices seem to run effortlessly. One company that's assisting hockey programs everywhere with behind the scenes optimization is and I got their captain here today, Jeremy Goldberg, the President of LeagueApps. I hope you enjoy his story and how they're helping hockey and other sports organizations and associations run silky smooth! Learn more about LeagueApps @