Habits, How are Yours? EP42

If I look back on my life so far, there has always been a constant year after year, there is something I've always wanted to change or improve in my life. For over a decade it was wanting to get more fit and eat healthier because after I retired from playing, that part of my life was neglected for a long time. As I started to research how to implement change in one's life, a recurring theme quickly revealed itself, habits. There wasn't a book I read, video I watched, or podcast I listened to, that had a high performer who didn't have rock-solid habits as their pillars for how they operated on a daily basis. So how do you go from wanting something, to actually getting it, apparently, your daily habits are pretty important? Here are some of my favorite books that may help answer some of these questions. I'll be providing you with some key quotes from each of the books, but know that I've not even scratched the surface of what other game-changing ideas and points are in each of the titles. Enjoy the episode :) The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy - https://store.darrenhardy.com/ Atomic Habits by James Clear - https://jamesclear.com/ Superhuman by Habit by Tynan - https://tynan.com/superhuman/ The Power of Habit by Jack D. Hodge - https://www.amazon.com/Power-Habit-Harnessing-Establish-Guarantee/dp/1410779955