Add 1 New Thing this Summer - Rob Pallante - EP41

Add 1 New Thing this Summer - Rob Pallante - EP41 Episode Description Summer is officially here and is a time when a kid can make some huge gains in a lot of different areas because you don't have the school commitments and for the next few months, you have more time on your hands. The question is are you going to use that time productively, or is that time going to use you, by wasting it watching others on your smartphone for hours a day, growing as an individual at the slowest pace. Today, I want to challenge all of you listeners out there, especially the players out there, to add one new thing this summer, to your daily schedule, that you will spend 15-20 minutes a day executing. You have to view this challenge and whatever your goal is, in the same light as breathing, eating, and sleeping. It's done every day for the whole summer. I've brought my good buddy back Rob Pallante, from Mind Set Body Bank, to help give everyone some ideas of what you may want to consider adding to your self-growth equation. Enjoy the conversation. To learn more about Rob Pallante and Mindset Body Bank, click on the links below Instagram - @mindsetbodybank Facebook - @mindsetbodybank Website -