Dr. Ryan Fader - Servant to Others EP34

Doctor Ryan Fader is my next guest and I'm looking forward to hearing his journey, as he's gotten some hockey sprinkled in there, but his true call to adventure is helping others, me being one of those people, as he fixed up my knee recently, and coach is operational again. Unfortunately, every player is going to get dinged up from time to time, but we're lucky to have people like Dr. Fader to help us get back on the ice as quickly as possible. But what if the injuries are self inflicted, due to early specialization and over-use? We're going to find out. This guy is a master at his craft and I want to know how he got there!! To learn more about Dr. Fader, please click on the link below. Enjoy the conversation :)https://www.ryanfadermd.com/ryan-r-fader-md-orthopedic-surgeon-minneapolis.html