The Hero's Journey - EP26

The other day my oldest son Rem asked me if I'd ever heard of the hero's journey. I said that I hadn't, so he suggested I look up a guy named Joseph Campbell, who in 1949 wrote a book called The Hero with 1000 Faces. Little did I know, but so many movies that are so familiar to so many of us, are based on the framework and writings of Mr. Campbell's book, like Star Wars, Shrek, Batman, Harry Potter, The Lion King, and the Matrix to mention a few.     I have to admit, this is all new to me, but it sparked something and now I want to learn more, because, as you'll find out, The Hero's Journey is really about each and every one of us. I brought back my good friend and mind mentor Don Ollivet, THe OLLIE Man to help explain what exactly is the Hero's Journey.  Enjoy the conversation.