Rob Pallante "Roller Coaster" Hockey Journey EP22

I'm looking forward to my next guest, Rob Pallante, and hearing his hockey journey. This Canadian-born player earned a Division 1 scholarship to Michigan Tech University and played minor league pro hockey. Rob found himself in the role of a fighter or enforcer when back in the 1990s, that was a role, and that group of individuals was as tough as they came!! Mr. Pallante's story has some self-inflicted hardships and an unexpected event that landed him in the hospital for 40 days, where he was given his last rights soon after he arrived. You'll hear of his defining moment, where he pivots and makes a shift to living a different life, one that now connects the mindset and body.  You can learn more about Rob Pallante, what he has going on in his life and how he's helping high-performance athletes build an invincible mindset.  Check out the links below.  Mindset Body Bank Instagram Podcast Apple - Spotify - Facebook