Tryouts are Just around the Corner

Sep 14, 2023

Tips to Excel in Hockey Tryouts

The clamor of skates, the thud of a puck, and the sound of anticipation; it's hockey tryout season. Many players are eager to make the cut and be part of the top team in their association. This is especially crucial for those identified as "Bubble Players", hovering right at the edge of selection, making every move critical.

Preparation for the Tryouts

The famous saying, "Success is where preparation and opportunity meet," holds true here.

  • Physical and Mental Readiness: Physical fitness is paramount, but mental agility ensures you can adapt and strategize on the fly. Before hitting the ice, visualize your moves, think positively, and stay focused on your goals.
  • Equipment Check:
    • Skates: A sharp blade ensures swift movement and balance. Make sure they're sharpened to perfection.
    • Laces: Check for any wear and tear. A snap during play can throw off your game.
    • Sticks: Freshly taped sticks can greatly enhance puck handling and shooting. This minor detail could mean the difference between a good shot and a great one.

Getting Noticed on the Ice

Standing out is essential, especially with multiple players vying for limited spots.

  • Puck Possession: The puck should be your best friend on the ice. Consistent possession not only showcases your skills but also engrains your number in the minds of evaluators.
  • Stay Active: Keep moving and get involved in plays. A static player becomes invisible. Dive into tackles, chase the puck, and always be part of the action.

Team Play Over Individual Heroics

While individual skills are celebrated, hockey remains a team sport.

  • Avoid Solo Play: Remember, there's no "I" in "Team". A solo rush might look impressive, but it can also backfire if it ends up in a turnover. A team play that leads to a goal will always be more valuable.
  • Smart Decisions: Make informed choices. Instead of hogging the puck, look out for teammates in better positions. It shows awareness and boosts team morale.

Ways to Stand Out

Sometimes, it's the little things that make the biggest difference.

  • Block Shots: Demonstrating that you can sacrifice for the team by blocking shots is invaluable. It paints a picture of a player who is both brave and strategic.
  • Effort is Key: Skill is essential, but without effort, it's like a sports car with no fuel. Push yourself to the limit, chase every ball, and fight for every inch.


As the tryouts approach, remember, it's not just about showcasing talent but also character, determination, and the ability to be a valuable team player. Keep these tips in mind, put in your best effort, and let your passion shine. Best of luck on the ice, and remember to dream big!