4 Shots you Must Have: Slap shot,Wrist shot, Backhand and Snapshot

backhand shot shooting slap shot snap shot wrist shot Apr 19, 2021
4 Must Have Hockey Shots

If you’d ask a hockey player to list the 4 types of hockey shots he or she uses, most would rattle off the wrist shot, snapshot, slap shot and backhand. Yes, you need to work on each shot, but I want to discuss this from a different perspective.

You’ll use all the above-listed shots on a regular basis, but I want you to think about it not the shot you’re taking, but where you are shooting from. The four types of hockey shots I want to go over are the in-close forehand or backhand shots and far-out forehand or backhand shots.

All four types of hockey shots are different. When you’re in tight on the goalie, the shot needs to be elevated quickly, usually using more of a pop or scoop shot. Forehand shots use more of the toe of the blade, and backhand shots are taken typically from the heel of the blade. Getting proficient and gaining confidence in tight takes some time.

First work on the mechanics of bringing the puck from in front of the body to your shooting position on either the forehand or backhand side of the body. Establish where the shooting position is, and try to replicate it each time, so it becomes ingrained and start working on getting the puck to the designated target more consistently.

When shooting from far out, most players make one critical mistake; they spend most, if not all of the time shooting forehand shots. How can you develop a wicked backhand if you never practice taking shots from that side of the body? You can’t and limit your effectiveness and long-term potential.

I ask the players I train to buy into one concept or philosophy. Whatever you do on the forehand, you have to do equally as well or better on the backhand. By doing this, you’ll automatically separate yourself from most of the competition.

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