The Mental Edge: Enhancing Performance and Overcoming Challenges in Hockey

Dec 21, 2023
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The Mental Edge: Enhancing Performance and Overcoming Challenges in Hockey



Welcome to the Hockey Journey podcast episode number 94! In this episode, we have the honor of interviewing Sean Goodsell from The Mental Edge. As a high-performance coach, Sean helps hockey players and athletes overcome challenges, build confidence, and reach their full potential. Join us as we delve into Sean's journey, from his childhood struggles to his passion for mentoring and guiding others.

Early Beginnings and Passion for Sports

Sean Goodsell, a native of Northeast Minneapolis, grew up in a family with its fair share of challenges. As an adopted child, he found solace and therapy in sports. Sean played multiple sports, including hockey, basketball, football, tennis, and soccer. Sports became his safe haven, an escape from his difficult family life. It was through sports that Sean found mentors who became like surrogate parents to him, guiding him through life's trials. Without the support and guidance of these mentors, Sean believes he wouldn't be where he is today.

Overcoming Mental Health Struggles

Despite his outward appearance of success, Sean battled with severe anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts during his teenage years. He credits sports and his mentors for saving his life and helping him navigate through the challenges he faced. Sean's experiences with mental health struggles led him to dedicate his life to helping others overcome their own mental barriers and find confidence and fulfillment both on and off the ice.

Transitioning to The Mental Edge

After working in a non-profit organization that focused on helping troubled youth, Sean decided to start The Mental Edge in 1999. He realized that the mental skills needed for success in sports were similar to the skills needed for personal growth and empowerment. Sean's goal was to provide mental skill training to athletes, empowering them to overcome challenges, build confidence, and reach their full potential. The Mental Edge has since become a trusted resource for athletes, parents, and coaches seeking to enhance performance and well-being.

The Value of Mental Skills Training

Sean believes that the mental aspect of the game is often overlooked and undervalued. As players progress and face tougher competition, their mental game becomes increasingly critical. Players should focus on developing mental skills just as they focus on honing their physical skills. Mental skills, such as goal-setting, visualization, self-talk, and emotional regulation, have a significant impact on performance and can help players better navigate challenges and setbacks.

Reflection and Goal Setting

As the winter hockey season comes to a close, it's essential for players to take time for reflection and goal setting. Sean advises players to take a few weeks off to rest and recover before diving into the next season. During this time, players should reflect on their performance, identify their strengths, and acknowledge areas for improvement. Setting specific goals and developing a plan to work on those goals is crucial for continued growth and progress.

The Power of Journaling

One valuable tool that Sean recommends for athletes is journaling. Journaling allows players to track their progress, capture their thoughts and emotions, and identify patterns and areas of growth. By journaling regularly, players can gain insights into their performance, set intentions, and hold themselves accountable for their training and development.

Working with Sean Goodsell

If you're interested in working with Sean Goodsell and The Mental Edge, you can visit his website at  Sean offers a free coaching call to help you explore how he can assist you in reaching your goals. Whether you're a hockey player looking to improve your mental game or an athlete in another sport seeking guidance, Sean's expertise and dedication can help you unlock your full potential.


Sean Goodsell's journey from personal struggles to becoming a highly respected high-performance coach is a testament to the power of mentorship, resilience, and personal growth. Through The Mental Edge, Sean continues to make a significant impact on the lives of athletes, helping them overcome challenges and reach new heights in their athletic and personal endeavors. Remember, success in sports, and in life, is not just about physical skill; it's about developing the mental skills necessary to navigate challenges, build confidence, and achieve your goals.