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Apr 02, 2024

Whether you’re looking to go pro or still figuring out your hockey journey, Lance Pitlick’s online hockey training website is the best tool to help you along your path!

With game-changing professional experience and a deep commitment to his student’s goals, Lance created his online hockey training program to be exactly what you need to transform your play. And Ruth Cunningham’s evolution is all the proof you need.

From drills you would never think of on your own to dedication you can’t always find without help, Ruth’s story is all the inspiration you need to start your hockey journey.


Who is Ruth Cunningham?

Born in Minnesota, Ruth Cunningham may not be a household name yet, but her passion and drive are definitely big enough to get her there!

At the age of 14, Ruth is already filling her cabinets with medals and awards. Eager to play in every tournament available to her, she’s constantly testing out her online hockey training skills and pushing herself to be better.

There’s no doubt that Coach Lance’s mentorship has given Ruth a real chance at achieving her hockey goals. Ever since they started practicing together, Ruth’s play has completely changed.

But, more than anything, her ability to rise to every challenge with excitement and anticipation is what will be the biggest factor in her success!



Ruth’s Evolution

Falling Into Hockey

For Ruth, Hockey was far from a love at first skate. She hit the ice with her friends, aware they were better than her and struggling in a position that didn’t fully suit her.

Even before she had thought about her role in the game, she knew defense was not the place for her. But, when you’re just starting out, you may not get as much choice as you want in the game.

This turned Hockey into a sport she played because of other people instead of something she did for herself. All of which makes her rise in the ranks even more impressive!

Growing Her Passion

It wasn’t until Ruth started in the Bantam-Under League that she realized what hockey could mean to her.

As she grew and played more and more games, Ruth started to get better–even without fully trying. And that progress lit a fire under her. She started to look forward to games, to the moves that she would make in them that would help her team. She also started to think about how she could get even better.

Ruth would spend her spare time in front of the net, taking shot after shot from every possible angle, using every technique she could think of.

There’s no denying that these practice sessions were helpful, but Ruth also knew that they weren’t enough. So she went to her coach at the time, looking for guidance, and found online hockey training.

Online Hockey Training

When Coach Lance started his online hockey training website, his reputation quickly spread throughout the hockey community.

He had spent years developing his training program, studying all the different aspects of good stickhandling and the different ways to train those skills.

Coach Lance could see that the game of hockey was taking a turn. Soon, quick feet and a hard shot would not be enough to get you to the big leagues.

The game was changing, which meant the training needed to change with it. And Coach Lance wanted to be the person to do it.

Getting to Know Coach Lance

After Ruth began her online hockey training, it wasn’t long before she realized that all of the hype surrounding Coach Lance was justified.

Not only were his drills more thorough than anything she’d tried until then, but he also completely changed how she thought about hockey.

Hockey was no longer a simple game. Ruth was learning strategy with various skills to master that could be applied to her play.

From juggling to rock and roll knee slides across the ground, Coach Lance’s training improved her skills while teaching her how to create her own unique play style–Which is what all of the great players need.

The Effects of Online Hockey Training

In the beginning, the effects of Ruth’s online hockey training were immediate, mainly because of this change in perspective.

She had started thinking more about stickhandling and all the different ways that she could try to get around her opponent instead of just skating towards the goal and then trying to take a shot. Coach Lance had expanded her awareness on the ice.

But soon after this massive jump in her abilities, Ruth reached a plateau. And that’s when her true challenges began.

Focusing Her Mind

When asked about Coach Lance’s mentorship style, Ruth had endless examples of the different ways that he’d helped her.

But one of the biggest was the creation of her goal board.

Having a physical reminder of everything that she wanted to accomplish with her online hockey training was a game-changer.

Even if she wasn’t seeing massive improvements right away, all she had to do was glance at the board to relieve any doubts about whether to keep going.

Reaching New Heights

One of the things that Ruth loves the most about her online hockey training with Lance is the moment when one of his drills finally clicks.

In a game, she’ll be up in front of the net or face-to-face with an opponent, and a drill will pop into her mind. Something that she hasn’t tried yet but knows can get her the goal.

When that flash of inspiration hits, it doesn’t matter how many times she’s failed the move beforehand, she knows that she can make it happen. And Coach Lance will be the first to hear about it when the game is won.


Ruth’s Online Hockey Training Tips

Use Every Resource Available to You

More than anyone, Coach Lance understands that hockey requires lots of hard work. The online hockey training website is an amazing resource, but it’s not the only one.

One of Ruth’s biggest tips is to use Coach Lance’s endless information about the hockey world to your advantage. Ask him about the other ways you can test your skills, and always keep him updated on your wants and needs.

Make the Most of the Online Hockey Training Platform

Not everyone thrives in an online environment, where self-motivation is a large factor in success.

If you’re the type of person who needs a little extra motivation, be sure to make the most of the different training regimens offered on the site.

Coach Lance has not only set up the videos to guide your training so that you never feel like you’ve been thrown into the deep end of a hard move, but he also sets up weekly reminders.

Sign up for the Elite Weekly online hockey training to get emails and updates and keep your training on track!

Hockey Conditioning

A high-intensity sport like hockey requires more than just skill training to keep you in the game.

To truly improve, you need equal parts skill and fitness training. More importantly, your fitness training should be centered specifically around hockey.

Talk to Coach Lance and let him help you create a well-rounded training regimen!



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