Unlock Your Hockey Potential: The Power of Multi-Sensory Learning

drills stickhandling May 18, 2021


Do you want to elevate your hockey skills to an elite level? The secret may be in how you learn. As someone who has spent years coaching, I can tell you that understanding how players absorb information is crucial. With that understanding, you can take cues from NHL legends and integrate pro-level tactics into your own practice routines. In this guide, we will dig into the multi-sensory approaches to learning and how to channel that understanding to become a better player.

The 5 Senses of Learning in Hockey

Every hockey player is different—how they skate, how they shoot, and yes, even how they learn. The core concept to understand here is that players process information through a combination of the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. More often than not, it's a mix of visual and auditory learning that helps players internalize the skill set.

  • Sight (Visual Learning): Some players just need to see a drill to understand it. They watch closely as the instructor demonstrates, and then they mimic those movements.
  • Hearing (Auditory Learning): Others need to listen to the verbal instructions. They benefit from a detailed explanation of how each drill works, what to focus on, and how to execute it.
  • Combination Learning: Most players fall into this category, where a mix of hearing, seeing, and doing the drill is what works best.

Learn from the Masters

The NHL is not just entertainment; it's an invaluable educational tool for any aspiring hockey player. Want to perfect your stickhandling? Watch how the pros do it. Pay attention to the finesse and precision in their movements during warm-up sessions and games. I guarantee they're doing something right—something you can integrate into your practice.

For instance, look at the following clips:



The Consistency of Pro-Level Warm-Ups

Professional hockey players have dialed-in warm-up routines for a reason. It prepares their mind and body for the high-stakes action to come. If you observed a player's warm-up over ten games, you'd likely notice that they're almost identical—down to which post they shoot at first. That's deliberate.

Craft Your Winning Warm-Up Routine

Want to get into the mindset of a winner? Start incorporating elements from these elite players' warm-ups into your own routine. Keep tweaking until you've got a personalized warm-up that makes you feel invincible, ready to dominate the ice.

Conclusion: Dream Bigger, Work Harder

You've got the tools at your fingertips—pro-level tips, multi-sensory learning approaches, and above all, the inspiration to take your hockey skills to the next level. So what are you waiting for? The road to becoming a better hockey player starts with how well you can learn and implement new skills.

Remember: Work hard, dream bigger than everyone else, and make it happen. You've got this!