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  • Become the Goalie's Worst Nightmare You’re going to be receiving an exclusive guide to several jaw­dropping stick handling drills that will not only have you undressing the goalie and lighting the lamp, but it’ll gain you the reputation of being an unstoppable force on the ice. 

  • Strengthen Your Puck Possession Prowess By learning our proven stick handling patterns that will turn you into a dishin’ magician on the ice. We’ll boost your poise with the puck where everyone will want to be on your line.

  • Earn Your Sniper School Sharpshooter Badge Threading the needle when shooting used to be difficult, until now. With this program you’re going to learn the exact techniques that NHL All Star players like Ovechkin and Crosby use every game.

What our members are saying...

Scott Pritchard

"The Online Hockey Training Program transformed my 7 year old from a hesitant, confidence lacking player into a confident goal scorer. His improvement was absolutely unbelievable. Minutes with the puck on his stick during games at least doubled from the start of the program to the end of the 10th week. There is no question stick handling is the most important part of the game. Other parents often ask me what my son did to learn to handle the puck the way he does. This is the best money you can spend to improve your child’s game."

Stephanie S.

“Just wanted to say how much your stick handling program helped Colin. Colin is a social kid and struggled doing it alone but now he admits how much it helped and that it was worth it. I think I’ve even heard him practicing the drills again. He looks like an entirely different player and I get comments every game about “his hands” and “his ability to close the deal (score)” – of course, I tell the parents it is because of your program. Having better stick handling skills is great in itself but the biggest benefit is that by being a better player he is having so much more fun!”

What You'll Learn in the Online Hockey Training Program

  • 93 dazzling puck dribbling drills
  • 34 “jawdropping” faking exercises
  • 19 reaching drills to beat your competition to those loose pucks
  • 47 precision toe control exercises
  • 20 cupping drills so you never lose control of the puck
  • 45 incredible NHL level fakes & dekes to dangle like Oshie vs. Russia
  • 76 sniper shooting drills to put the biscuit in the basket every time
  • 81 bonus puck trick drills that will make all your teammates say “Holy Crap is that cool.”

Effortlessly Put The Puck Top Shelf With Our In-Tight Shooting Drills

Jaw-Dropping Bonus Puck Trick Drills

Dangle Like Datsyuk With Our Toe Control Drills

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Why You Should Listen To Coaches Lance And Scott...

  • They’re both former NHL players with HUNDREDS of professional games underneath their belts.
  • Scott Bjugstad played over 300 games in the NHL with 3 different teams: LA, Pittsburgh and Minnesota. Scott’s best season was in 1985-86 with 43 goals and 76 points.
  • Lance was drafted in 1986 by the hometown Minnesota North Stars and went on to play eight years in the National Hockey League; five seasons with the Ottawa Senators and three years with the Florida Panthers.
  • Both Pitlick and Bjugstad had the opportunity to play with some of the greatest players in hockey including the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.
  • Scott has worked with over 1,000 young hockey players with individual shooting lessons , and over 15,000 Young hockey players in Shooting & Scoring Schools.
  • Lance has been training & developing high end stick handlers for the past 14 years. Many earning college scholarships and professional contracts.

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