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Lifetime Access: $247

Designed for newer players with limited stickhandling and shooting training

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Lifetime Access: $597

Designed for players with intermediate to advanced stick skills training

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As Low As $99/player

Team-based pricing is based on the number of players participating.

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Core package includes
the following: 

  • Foundational training
    • Introduction to stickhandling
    • Introduction to passing
    • Introduction to shooting
    • Specialized training in dribbling, faking, cupping, shootout moves, the saucer pass, and between the legs
  • 12 pre-built, progressive training session modules
  • Accelerator training
    • The first 10 advanced training modules incorporating movement
    • Increased drill pattern complexity
    • Advanced shooting techniques

Elite package includes
everything in Essentials package, plus:

  • Accelerator training
    • All 52 advanced training sessions
    • A minimum of 18 drills per module
    • Advanced movement skills
    • Elite drill pattern complexity
    • Next-level shooting skills
  • Goal Scorers Academy
    • Small-space shooting drills
    • Training session modules
    • 192 drill videos
  • Video analysis
    • Identifying seven common corrections in hand positioning and movement
    • Ensuring proper form and technique

Team package includes
all of the following:

  • Foundational training

  • Accelerator training

  • Video analysis

  • Initial virtual onboard sessio

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