Ryan O'Reilly Showing Some Serious Skills

Apr 21, 2021

Off-Ice Hockey Training = On-ice Hockey Success

I recently saw a clip of  Ryan O'Reilly working on his skills in an Off-ice Training session.  The clip showed the  St. Louis Blues Star forward doing an insane ball tapping routine that demonstrates superb hand-eye coordination.

I thought there are a lot of players wondering how you master this skill.

Ball taps are a fun way to develop softer hands, coordination, concentration and goal-scoring touch around the net, not to mention a much-improved style factor. But what if you've never tried any ball trick or tapping pattern?

You don't have to worry as I got you covered, and will show you all the necessary steps to build toward acquiring the skill level of hockey stars like  O'Reilly.

Just know that every hockey player at one point tried this for the first time. It's going to be awkward, and frustrating for a bit, but stick with it, and before you know it, you'll be doing some super cool routines to practice OFF the ice that will sharpen your stick skills for when you need them ON the ice.

What type or kind of ball should you use?

If this is a new skill you're trying to acquire, there are two balls that I recommend, a softball size whiffle ball and also a baseball size.

As you progress, I wanted to create the same drill as O'Reilly demonstrated, but the gap between my walls is too wide, so, I had to increase the difficulty a bit, by adding some side-to-side movement.

If you liked the video, please do coach a solid and share it with a few people in your hockey circle, I'd appreciate it.

Lastly, remember that off-ice training delivers on-ice success.