Power VS Accuracy

Apr 19, 2021
Power vs Accuracy

I was recently at a hockey rink, go figure. A parent on the team I was coaching asked me what was more important, shooting power or accuracy? I figured that if a parent is asking me this, there are probably others who would be interested in knowing the answer, so I thought I’d quickly give you my opinion.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one decisive answer that I can say would blanket every situation that happens in the game of hockey. Each potential shooting moment that could occur during a game may involve a different shot decision. Let me explain what I mean.

From a simplicity standpoint, this is the easiest way I can lay it out for you when debating shooting power VS accuracy. It comes down to two common hockey terms, time and space. If you have time and space, your focus is more on the accuracy of the shot. Identify the open space you are going to shoot at and release the shot. This extra second you have gives you the ability to pick your spot and rip it.

On the flip side, when you don’t have time and space, where a player is closing quickly on you, your primary focus is on power, getting the puck to the net quickly and with as much velocity as possible. You have to release the shot before the shooting lane is no longer available, because of body contact or the defender's stick is on the puck.

Remember, if you want to generate more offense and score more goals, it’s all about getting pucks to the net. With that said, forget the debate on power VS accuracy, if it’s a weak shot or a bomb if they both miss the net, the point is mute. Making sure the puck hits the net or gets to the front of the net gives you and your teammates a chance to score or create 2nd or 3rd opportunities.

Goal scorers know that the more shots they can generate in a game, the more goals they will score. Best of luck and remember to Work Hard and Dream Big!!