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  • Is it difficult For You To Score Goals?
  • Do You Have a Hard Time Making Tape-to-Tape Passes?
  • Rarely Have the Puck on Your Stick in Games?
  • Your Skating is Pretty Solid, But Hands/Shot Need Improvement?
  • Want To Make A Higher Level Team?

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Video Analysis

Perfecting stickhandling, passing and shooting skills is often a mystery and is very technical,

Coach Lance has identified up to 9 common corrections regarding hand placement, hand movement and where players dribble on the stick blade.
These corrections are critical to be identified early in a player's career  to avoid the development of bad habits that can negatively affect their long-term potential.
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Team Pricing Includes :

  • Foundational Training
  • Accelerator Training
  • Includes Video Analysis
  • Initial Virtual Onboard Session


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What People are Saying About Online Hockey Training

"Today’s game is fast and highly skilled and players need to be the total package to advance to the elite levels of hockey. The best players are all powerful skaters, but the ones who are special possess high-end stickhandling and shooting skills. I’ve seen the transformation in players that work with Coach Pitlick over the years and the results have been spectacular. For players with lofty goals, I highly recommend Online Hockey Training."
-- Ben H, NHL Player Agent

"The online training program really helped to develop solid stickhandling and shooting mechanics. I was at the National Camp for U15 Girls and I was more capable of making moves and carrying the puck, giving me a big advantage over most of the other players . OHT not only improved my skill level, but made off ice training more fun than work."
-- Presley N, Current NCAA Division 1 Player

“When my son started your program three months ago, he figuratively had hands like feet. He is now becoming a solid player with soft hands and finesse. Your videos are efficient and fun."
-- Anthony G, Proud Hockey Parent

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Therefore, all of the modules are 100% “Satisfaction and Effectiveness” Guaranteed. If you’ve made an honest effort to use the modules and it hasn’t rocked your skills, let us know and we’ll give you a 100%  REFUND.