Why it works

No Boredom and No Burn Out.

Traditional sports training programs fail for 2 reasons:
1. Kids get bored of practicing the same drills over and over again
2. They don’t see any progress in skill gains, making them dread practicing all together. Making more of a “chore” and less of a fun game.

Each and every workout have been handpicked and crafted by Coach Lance Pitlick so you never get bored and always see progress.

You’ll be amazed at how exciting training can be when you KNOW that you’ll be scoring more goals and gaining strength as a hockey force to be reckoned with.

Why This Type Of Hockey Training Works

3 Big Hockey Development Lies and 1 is about Amazon

Lie #1

You’ve probably heard the term “God Given Talent”. We’ve found that this concept is completely false. Even the greatest Hockey player wasn’t an “overnight success.”

The players you watch on TV have been intensely training to peak performance for years. Their hockey training was acquired over time through intensive practice and quality repetitions from specialized instructors.

Most NHL’ers regularly attended junior hockey camps & clinics that focused on stick handling drills and off ice hockey training in addition to their constant on ice work practice routines.

Lie #2

You may have also heard the term “muscle memory”.

To get good at something you’re supposed to improve your muscle memory, right? Not completely.

The researchers were wrong, Muscle Memory doesn’t exist – it’s your brain telling your muscles what to do.

In order to develop elite level skills, you have to exercise and develop your brain. Every time you learn something for the first time, a new circuit is created in your brain and insulated with a material called “Myelin”. Each practice session where you work on that particular skill, you earn another layer of Myelin. The thicker the Myelin gets over time from consistent practice, the faster and more precise you’re able to execute the particular maneuver.

Lie #3

“You can buy everything on Amazon.”

This is mostly true… but I just got done searching their site and I didn’t see any Myelin being sold there.

What you may not know, is that myelin is actually easy to create. It only needs 2 ingredients, (and that’s good news!)

We happen to provide one part (the correct drills to practice) and you have to provide the other (showing up and doing the drills).

We provide the blueprint to bring structure and purpose to your hockey routine.

In order for you to become a top player in your division, we have to be a team here!

Let me peel back the curtain and show you how we do this.

Online Hockey Training is an at-home stick handling and shooting training program. Let Scott and I (2 former NHL’ers) become your personal hockey training aids.

We have 3 different program offerings


(10 Training Modules)

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(15 Training Modules)

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(25 Training Module)

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Are You a Coach or Work With a Group of Players?

We offer special rates for groups to use our Online Hockey Training programs. Email us at [email protected] and we will get you set up!

You’ll have access to up to 50 different training modules featuring every aspect of your game needed to become an elite stick handling and shooting wizard.

We’ll have you work on dribbling, faking, expansion of reach, toe control, cupping, multi-tasking drills and 36+ different moves that will give you plenty of options when trying to undress a defenseman or goalie.

Shots will be taken from far out and also in tight. You’ll be shooting from both the forehand side of the body, as well as the often-neglected backhand side.

Each stick handling and shooting drill in the module will have a corresponding video where I’ll give you a detailed step by step explanation of what you’ll be doing. Then we’re going to put your skills to the test in the most effective way we know how — all ending with one incredible shot!

We provide the program, you do the training and soon you’ll be the hockey pro you always knew you could be.

It’s that easy! We’re confident you’ll be blown away at how quickly you’ll improve!

How about this – if in the first 14 days of doing the program, you’re not completely 100% satisfied, we’ll refund every penny, no questions asked.

Let us help you train your brain and make you a Mega Myelin manufacturer.

Stop just playing hockey and jack it up a notch.

It’s time you started training to be an elite hockey player.

We’ll guide you down our proven stick handling and shooting developmental path.

Join us today! Pull the trigger, take the shot and become an Online Hockey Training member.