Success Stories

“My 11 year old son completed the Level 1 online stickhandling course before his second PeeWee hockey season. I was amazed by how much my son’s stickhandling skills improved as a direct result of the course and thoroughly enjoyed watching him play that season with increased confidence and aggressiveness on the ice. My son liked the Level 1 course and its skill improvement results so much that he also completed the Level 2 course. Both courses were easy to follow and fun. So fun that my 6 year old son regularly followed his brother down to the basement to complete his stickhandling drills as well. As a hockey parent, there a lot of hockey camps and local skills and drills programs available to choose from. Having sent my son to both local day hockey camps and three week long overnight hockey camps in Minnesota, I firmly believe that the Level 1 and 2 online stickhandling courses produced the most hockey skill improvement per hockey skill development buck spent. My son is looking forward to completing one of the new online shooting courses prior to his fall tryouts. If his shooting skills improve anywhere close to the level his stickhandling skills improved, the shooting course will be money well spent.”John Shaw
“Thanks for the work you guys put into getting us signed up for your program. My son watched the videos and did not want to quit practicing. He spent three hours working on the drills and we had to make him quit and go to bed. I wish this program would have come out 15 years ago, I know I would have been a better player if it had. I think goalies could learn a lot from this as well. When I played I was taught to read and react. If I knew what the hand positioning meant on the stick I think I would have been able to read the play much better. Keep up the good work. I can tell you guys, as long as my son plays hockey I will continue to use you as a training tool.”Dion Bitz
“The Online Hockey Training 10 week online program transformed my 7 year old from a hesitant, confidence lacking player into a confident goal scorer. His improvement was absolutely unbelievable. Minutes with the puck on his stick during games at least doubled from the start of the program to the end of the 10th week. There is no question stick handling is the most important part of the game. Other parents often ask me what my son did to learn to handle the puck the way he does. This is the best money you can spend to improve your child’s game.”Scott Pritchard
“Just wanted to say how much your stick handling program helped Colin. Colin is a social kid and struggled doing it alone but now he admits how much it helped and that it was worth it. I think I’ve even heard him practicing the drills again. He looks like an entirely different player and I get comments every game about “his hands” and “his ability to close the deal (score)” – of course, I tell the parents it is because of your program. Having better stick handling skills is great in itself but the biggest benefit is that by being a better player he is having so much more fun!”Stephanie S.
“It was my 7th year pro when I finally learned the fundamentals of stick handling. I feel more confident in making plays and trying moves now that I never would have thought about trying. If you want to be the best hockey player you can be, this program is a must. I’d recommend this to any hockey player, no matter what level you are at. Players don’t practice stick handling and it’s an edge you can get on a lot of players.”Tim Jackman
“Your online and personal training programs have improved our daughter’s stick handling skills significantly over the past couple of years. Your personal training is tops because of your unique ability to connect and motivate her, but the online program is the tool that allows her to practice on her own. The online programs are key in terms of keeping her focused her on what she needs to work on and how to train correctly on a certain skill or move all while keeping fundamentally sound… It’s great that you made these programs so easily accessible for her! It’s fun to see these skills translate to the ice too…Keep up the good work!”Kurt and Jenny
“This course has been so helpful! Hands down, it’s the best online stick-handling and shooting training on the market. Seriously, thank you for your clear, concise tutorials and lesson plans, and your understanding of who your audience is–hockey players of all ages and abilities. I continue to put in the time and work hard and am beginning to reap the rewards on the ice–soft hands, a better shot and more confidence. Thank you! Just started a new level and cannot wait to test my filthy new skills on the ice!”D. Knoll
“The online stick handling program has been amazing for Joe. He started the program as a Mite and we have been especially impressed with the progression of the drills to build upon his skills. There is so much flexibility that he is able to do it on his terms and when it works for our schedule. We have found if we just make it available to him….. we don’t have to remind him…as we walks through our garage, he’ll grab a stick and start in.”Dan Simpson
“Kyle started the Online Hockey Training program over 3 years ago with a private lesson from Lance. Kyle said “It is really fun”. Since that time he has worked many hours on Lance’s online programs to develop his skills. Whether big or small in size, those who can control the puck control the game. We continue to hear nice comments about Kyle’s “soft” hands and that could only have happened with his dedication to the online hockey training. We are now excited to take the next step to Bjugstad’s online shooting.”Andy H.
“I completed the last day of the Level 4 program the other day which is why I’m ready for the next challenge! I have to say my on ice stickhandling abilities have improved immensely after completing 40 weeks of your program. Thank you for having it available for players like myself who want to get to the next level. Also I’d like to compliment you on the shooting program as I’m in the process of completing Level 1 and have already in the early stages of the program seen results. Thanks again for doing such a great job at what you do!!”Jason Wegner
“I have learned that the mechanics of stickhandling are very important and that when they are perfected they make handling the puck much easier. By doing the online hockey training program I have learned how to deceive an opponent, make new fakes and moves with ease and handle the puck confidently with my eyes up. The program itself is very easy to do and easy to follow with the videos explaining each drill. I myself was just at National Camp for the girls under 15 age group, at camp I could tell that I was more capable to make moves and carry the puck comfortably. I can think of specific drills at National Camp where we were asked to do specific stickhandling drills and I felt like I had a big advantage over most of the other girls because I knew how to do the drill with correct form and I had practiced it many times with Lance’s program. Not only does it improve my skill level but it turns off ice training into more fun than work. I hope to keep improving my game so I look forward to continue working with Lance more in the future as well.”Presley Norby
“I like the online hockey training program because it is easy to get to on a laptop or iPad and is easy to run. Mr. Pitlick and Mr. Bjugstad do a great job with all the drills in how they explain and demonstrate them. The online hockey training program has helped me with quick hands in front of the net. I like that I can watch the drill and then practice the drill right away. Because of their online training system, I don’t feel like I always have to be at a rink to improve my skills. I used to practice a handful of times a month, now I’m shooting or stickhandling 3-5 times per week and I love it!!”Wyatt B.
“I thought your Online Hockey Training Programs were awesome for a couple of reasons. Never once did I have to ask if he was stick handling. It was fun and challenging for him and he couldn’t wait to master the next drill. I was amazed how the off ice development transferred on ice. I’ve had multiple comments on from parents in the stands, asking how he improved so much this summer. I’ve had him do all kinds of on-ice clinics through the years, but this online program is by far, the best money we’ve ever spent on addition hockey training.”Chad N.
“I strongly endorse Lance & Scott’s Online Hockey Training Programs. All three (3) of my kids have used the program. Most recently, my daughter went after it hard in preparation for the USA National Development Camp 16’s. I could definitely see the change it’s made in her confidence with the puck, both with stick handling and shooting. The benefit is it’s flexibility; being able to train on your own time and as often as you need, provides a terrific tool to enhance your child’s hockey training. I wish you continued success.”Tom S.
“Well I’ve had three sessions so far in the new program and I really like it! For a busy guy like myself being able to do a combination of both stickhandling and shooting in one session is very ideal, especially once the season rolls around. I think this program gives a more realistic feel to the training as well. At times the straight stickhandling program felt too stationary while in this program you get to do a fake and then fire a shot just like you would in a game. I also really like the in-tight shooting drills because there is definitely a different mindset when you’re trying to score in-tight opposed to far out. Lastly it’s great that you’ve incorporated the much neglected backhand shots because I know I’m not the only player out there who needs to work on it.”Jason Wegner
“Lance, I want to thank you on behalf of my son , Robert ( 2nd year squirt). He is finishing up level 1 OnlineStickhandling and has made great strides with his hockey. When he started your program three months ago , he figuratively had hands like feet , was timid with the puck, and lacked confidence. Now, he is a becoming a solid player with soft hands and finesse . I enjoy people coming up to me commenting on his improvement over the summer. Your video modules and lesson plans are efficient , fun and a great way to improve your hockey skills on dry land . He is looking forward to level 2 stickhandling very soon. Thanks again,”Anthony G
“OHT has helped me continue to develop the skills needed to become a more confident hockey player.”Haley N., Orono
“As a Player Agent for Octagon Hockey, I’m evaluating talent all the time. Today’s game is fast and highly skilled. Players need to understand that in order to give themselves a chance to play Junior, College or Professional hockey, they need to be the total package. The best players are extremely powerful skaters, but the ones who are special, are the ones with high end hands and stick skills. I’ve seen the transformation in players that work with Mr, Pitlick and Bjugstad over the years, and the results have been spectacular. If you are a player or have a player that has lofty goals, I highly recommend them doing the Online Hockey Training, Off-Ice Stick Handling and Shooting Program. Plain and simple, It Works!! Ben Hankinson Player Agent .”Ben Hankinson, Player Agent - Octagon Hockey